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At recycleboxes.co.uk we endeavour to sell products that:
      - last a long time
      - use recycled or compostable materials
      - are neither throw-away nor second rate quality
We encourage recycling by offering products to individual home owners, schools, academies and education offices. Schools can buy our 55 or 44 litre kerbside boxes from us in bulk. We offer to supply reduced rates on quantities over 20. We can also provide a vinyl label or screen printing service, to take your address, school, business or workplace logo and to label boxes for different types of waste, domestic or commercial.

Thanks for recycling!

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4th February 2023


We are still open to receive orders, however we will close this site down in the winter 2023.

In the meantime we are still selling grab rim lids, some remaining 55L black kerbside boxes.


Please place your order as normal. Generally we are sending out our products every 2-3 days.