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Super Duty Hand Care

Super Duty Hand Care
Product Code: SKU-55
Availability: In Stock
Price: £7.20

From my very own experience a genuine cure for cracked, dry fingers! It is so outstanding I just had to become the UK distributor!

I use this myself - it has been nothing other than remarkable. My family have suffered very painful split, dry skin by our finger nails all our working lives. We've used plasters and every cream over the years. THIS hand cream has well and truly sorted it - even my own fingers.

Unlike moisturisers Super Duty Hand Care does not soften your skin. This is very important if you have working hands, because softened skin just gets damaged much more easily, making matters worse. So, with Super Duty Hand Care your skin stays naturally strong. Furthermore by adding a layer of wax you trap the natural oils and moisture in your skin, so it does not dry out like it would otherwise. Also the protection can survive one wash and rinse when you need to wash your hands.

Super Duty Hand Care is an all-natural product, comprising olive oil, sunflower oil, bees wax, lanolin, lavender and lemon essential oil. It is only mildly greasy, melting beautifully into your hands at body temperature, so the greasiness goes away. It smells fabulous.

Supplied looking like a bar of soap it lasts for months. Personally I recommend picking up a tiny spot by striking the "soap bar" with the corners of your finger tips. I do this as a bedtime routine, then don't need to do it again during the day.

Please click the link for more testimonials. I don't doubt any of them.

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