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Waste separation labels - Set of 4

Waste separation labels - Set of 4
Product Code: SKU-57
Availability: In Stock
Price: £9.99

These vinyl labels look great on any product. Indoors they will last for decades, outdoors for at least 4 years, and are colour fast, regardless of sunlight. They are made from the same material as the logos you see emblazoned on just about any delivery van and truck. They stick brilliantly to our boxes and to wheely bins.

Self application - just peel the back away - instructions are included.

One box label for each of the following:
Glass, Metal, Paper, Plastic

The labels are white, like they are shown here. The green area is peeled away and discarded, so the surface of the box is exposed there.

Dimensions of each label: W8 x H2.6 inches, W200 x H65 mm

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6th April 2020

We are still open for business.

Please place your order as normal. We are sending out our products every 2-3 days.