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Tub Tidy

Tub Tidy
Tub Tidy Tub Tidy Tub Tidy
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Rescue your kitchen cabinet - using a Tub Tidy ! A pull out box which can hold a huge number of Tupperware, tubs & lids, sandwich boxes, measuring jugs, etc. It's a wonder, a true storage solution for all the containers you've collected and find so so essential, but so difficult to store!

Made from robust, birch plywood (a popular material for wooden toys, those that need to endure everyday knocks) , also providing a warm, clean appearance.

Available in various standard sizes - or to order.
Standard sizes:
For a 500mm base unit (pictured here): H320 x W435 x D493mm
For a 600mm base unit: H320 x W535 x D493mm

Standard Tub Tidy sizes should fit standard kitchen cabinets (i.e. Floor/Base Units of either 18mm or 15mm cabinet wall thickness), but you must check to ensure the fit is correct for your own cabinet. "Framed" cabinets are generally smaller. Not suitable for Wall cabinets, and often not suitable in or next to a corner!

Always check your cabinet dimensions - even for our standard sized Tub Tidies.

The 320mm deep Tub Tidies (as shown here in our photos) allow room for one shelf above plus a standard 160mm high drawer front.

When you measure the available space for your Tub Tidy please note that your Tub Tidy will be made smaller than the dimensions you provide, as follows:
- 5mm less (both height and depth)
- 10mm less (width).
Width: Measure the unobstructed gap as follows: Open the door so it is at a right angle to the closed position, then measure the horizontal distance from the protruding knuckle of one hinge to the opposing wall or upright (the inside face).
Height: The Tub Tidy must sit on the lowest surface inside your cabinet, not on a shelf. Please position any shelves above the space you have allocated for your Tub Tidy. Make sure the first shelf is firmly and correctly on any pegs or fittings. Measure the height from the lowest surface to the underside of the first shelf above it.
Depth: Check what you see at the back of the space inside your cabinet - there should be a panel (this panel may have been removed, or knocked out of place). If the panel is correctly in place then measure from the panel to the edge nearest you i.e. the same edge the door closes against (this edge is hidden when the door is closed). If the back panel is missing or dislodged then this could be complicated by a sloping or uneven back wall, and possibly wiring, pipes or other wall fittings. You may try the biggest box you can find that fits the space and see how deep it will go easily. Do some arithmetic to calculate the depth of the space available, then subtract 15mm (recommended, intending to be on the safe side).

Please note: For non-standard size boxes: if the box (made to your measurements) does not fit then it cannot be modified or refunded (because it cannot be sold again).

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