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Lid for Grab Rim Box - single - BLACK

Lid for Grab Rim Box - single - BLACK
Lid for Grab Rim Box - single - BLACK Lid for Grab Rim Box - single - BLACK
Product Code: SKU-48
Availability: In Stock
Price: £4.99

STOCK LOW - when we sell all our stock we will not restock this item. We will be closing down later in 2022.

These lids are designed specifically to fit the recycling boxes issued by many local authorities. They clip securely to the boxes so they can't blow off (not without a serious fight!).

Please check the photos before making your selection.
Notes: your kerbside box should have a "Straight" logo on it, and a wide rim - there are no "handles" to put your fingers through (if yours has handles please consider our other lids). Box dimensions are available to check too - see below.

Durable in all weathers for permanent outdoor storage.

Made from up to 100% recycled plastic.

One size, fits both the 40 and 55 Litre boxes

Check your box: the BOX dimensions are (externally)...
Length x Width
565 x 440 mm

Boxes sold separately.

Also sold in packs of 5 and packs of 10.

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4th February 2023


We are still open to receive orders, however we will close this site down in the winter 2023.

In the meantime we are still selling grab rim lids, some remaining 55L black kerbside boxes.


Please place your order as normal. Generally we are sending out our products every 2-3 days.